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Lifetime is starting its role with the start of holiday movies this weekend

Los Angeles- The holidays are officially here and lifetime will be bringing some holiday joy with new joyful movie that will get fans in the holiday spirit.

On Sunday, November 28th, Lifetime will premiere Miracle in Motor City starring Mark Taylor, Smokey Robinson, and Tia Mowry Hardrict. The film is about a woman preparing her church for annual Christmas pageant. She has told her church that Smokey Robinson will be singing at the event. While she is in over her head, an old flame pops out and now she has to deal with her past, while preparing for this big holiday celebration.

Another premiere that will be playing all weekend long, will be Merry Liddle Christmas Baby. The film will star Kelly Roland and Thomas Cadrot. Both Roland and Cadrot is excited about their first baby, but than family drama sprinkles in. Kelly' sister and her husband are thinking about adopting their own child, as well as family debates all around the subject of parenting. This film a lot of people can relate to. It will premiere Saturday November 27th at 8 PM, ET


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