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LeBron James Docu-Series The Decision Will Air June 28

LeBron James and ESPN have decided to release a docu-series about James' decision to go to the Miami Heat almost 10 years to date.

On July 8, 2010, James announced the team he was going to play for within the most controversial and unorthodox way anyone has ever seen. He told the world that "He was going to take his talents to South Beach." After those words were echoed out of his mouth and the phrase went viral, James decided to bring his former teammates, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade for more of the "Show off" presentation of the new "Big 3".

The docu-series will feature behind the scenes interviews, footage, and the path which led James to pick Miami and build with that team. "Our newBackstoryepisode explores the unlikely wayThe Decision was created, the reasons why it was done despite the risks and the tensions about it behind the scenes,” said Van Natta, who joined ESPN in 2012. “Despite all the criticism that LeBron James and ESPN received, the one-hour show had a far-reaching impact on LeBron and his inner circle. LeBron’s experience on the Decision was the launching pad for his own shows sold to multiple networks, which helped him sharpen his voice on a wide array of important issues beyond the basketball court.” 

The docu-series will air June, 28 at 9 pm ET.

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