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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Latto address current topics in her new single

The release of 777 didn’t stop Latto from using the power of music to get people talking about overturn of Roe Vs Wade. She had some dicey lyrics that addressed the issue.. "How you ain't got a pu$%y, but got opinions on pu$%y? That’s pu$%y. My ovaries ain’t for you to bully! " These bold bars are from the first verse of Latto’s new single titled Pu$$y. Sampling Betty Wright’s Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Do she spills some transparency tea on reproductive rights, gender roles and equality, society’s double standards, and more.

The song is flooded with lyrics about some of the things that women deal with from the opposite sex on a daily basis like: being bashed for being sexual beings and exploring ourselves freely while being hyper-sexualizing at the same time, the lack of sexual confidentiality between men and women gossip, judgment and entitlement from the opposite sex, lack of accountability and responsibility financially in relationships, and lack of protection and support from sexual assault.

Not only does the song have a positive purposeful message, the beat is lit, her flow is fierce and I'm sure that all of us can relate to at least one bar to the highest degree. This track displays Latto’s versatility and growth as an artist as it isn’t easy to make conscious empowerment songs pop. My girl did that! Her pen is already very impressive but this is giving top contender in the female rap game vibes.

It's not uncommon for women to struggle with truly being confident and living freely in life because of what we face as women in a “man’s world”. Lori Harvey and her love life has been a hot topic in the news for months for this very reason. Many people have formed their negative opinions because of it but sis is unbothered, as we all should be. She is really living her best life by not developing unnecessary attachments, sticking to her boundaries and standards, and dating until she finds the one who is worthy. Period.

Always talking bout you want a boss b!t%h on her sh*t, when you can't even, can’t even handle a boss bitch! - Latto

Ladies Latto is reminding us that women have to take their power back by recognizing that the power is there and not giving in to society’s projection and perception. We do not have to accept what is deemed as normal or right when it comes to our relationships, our bodies or any of our choices in life.

Keeping the girl power on and off the track, the art work and video were created by women and co-produced by Bigg Latto herself. Give it a spin ladies and GENTLEMEN. Let us know what you think about it!

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