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Lakers makes a statement in Game 1 against the Miami Heat, 116-98

Los Angeles- The Lakers controlled Game 1 of the NBA Finals and defeated the Miami heat 116-98.

The Los Angeles Lakers dominated Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Miami heat. Anthony Davis was a scoring machine that the Heat could not stop. Davis was scoring in the paint and was in sync with his mid range shots. He controlled both sides of the floor and was a huge factor for the Lakers in the first half. Danny Green was stroking his shots and hit a couple threes in the game. On the defensive end, Green defended well and had a couple of steals that lead to fastbreak points for the Lakers.

The Lakers shot around 55% from the field was shooting around 40% from behind the arc. In the second half, the Lakers iced the Heat, as they just could not stop the inside presence of Davis, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James. All three players was getting easy layups or setting up their teammates with good shot selections. It seemed like the Lakers sucked the energy away from Miami and never returned it. The Lakers finished the game with five players in double figures.


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