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Lady Gaga steals the spotlight at the 2020 VMAs

New York- Lady Gaga shows how creative she can be during the unorthodox 2020 VMAs.

Without fans in attendance and the mandated requirement of wearing masks and practicing social distancing, the VMA's got creative with how artists performed, as well as how they retrieved their awards. Some artists used props to perform, while others pre-tapped their performance. Whenever artists won an award, they walked a mini-red carpet, picked up their trophy by themselves, and said a few words of encouragement to their fans about practicing social distancing and getting through the pandemic together.

Lady Gaga took the stage in so many unique outfits that it will not do justice in explaining it in words.

Gaga won artist of the year and best song and best collaboration for "Rain on Me" with Ariana Grande.

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