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Lackluster defense cause the Lakers to drop their game against the Spurs, 118-109

Los Angeles- The Lakers looked out of sync on both sides of the ball and was outplayed by the San Antonio Spurs.

Despite Anthony Davis and LeBron James combining for 50 points, the Lakers had trouble stopping LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge was destroying LA in the painted area and finished with 28 points, 3 assists and 5 rebounds. It seemed like the Lakers' defense on Aldridge was very relaxed and non-chalant. They were late helping out on rotations and Aldridge took advantage of it.

LA was struggling to hit shots from far out. They went 10 of 30 from behind the arc and finished shooting the ball long distance at 33%.

Turnovers was the Lakers' nightmare, as they was careless the entire game. LA finished the game with 13 turnovers, while the Spurs only had 6 for the game. Turnoves, horrible defense, and a bench that struggled to find any type of rhythm caused the Lakers to fall short to the Spurs.

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