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Kraken hangs on for a late OT victory to tie the series 2-2

Seattle does it again. With their backs against the wall and a fear of going down 3-1 in the series to the Colorado Avalanche, the Kraken buckled down defensively and got a much needed 3-2 victory to even the series in OT.

In the victory, the Kraken may have lost their unsung hero Jared McCann for the series and much longer. McCann was going after the puck after the Avalanche had a power play, did not see Cale Maker and could not brace for impact as Maker put the hit stick on him. Maker was awarded a five-minute penalty, but was reduced to two minutes after the review.

After the game, Maker had this to say about the incident. "It's unfortunate. I never want to injure guys," Makar said. "Hopefully he's all right. At the end of the day I didn't feel like I tried to finish him that hard. But, I mean, I feel like if I was in that scenario, they would have done the exact same thing. I'm not trying to hurt anybody. It's just unfortunate, tough bounce there. They got the call right, and that's all you can ask for."

After the hit, Seattle scored a goal to tie the game up and forced an extra period. In the extra period. Jordan Eberle hit the finish them button in the period and scored the game winning goal to help Seattle get their first playoff home victory in franchise history.

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