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  • Benjamin Gerstel

Knicks sign players due to the rise of COVID-19 in their organization

In the past few days, teams around the league have been scrambling to fill out vacated roster spots. Whether it’s due to COVID protocol or injury, a lot of teams are shorthanded. The Knicks have been threatened by COVID primarily (aside from Derrick Rose’s ankle).

Derrick Rose (ankle), Miles McBride (protocol), Immanuel Quickly (protocol), R.J. Barrett (protocol), and more have all been out within the past six days alone. In order to fill in these gaps,, New York recently signed three players: Tyler Hall (10-day), Damyean Dotson (10-day), and Matt Mooney (10-day).

Tyler Hall is a 6’ 5” 209-pound guard with a quick and confident stroke from beyond the arc. The Montana State native dropped at least 17 a game in all four seasons there. Hall’s career averages are 20.00 ppg, 4.8 rbg, and 2.5 apg.

Damyean Dotson isn’t as solid of a shooter as Hall, with only a 34 FG3%. However, he can provide a different energy on the floor, with his ability to attack the rim and move the ball. Dotson’s veteran experience makes him a valuable and unique asset as well.

Similarly to Dotson, Mooney also provides a high level of intensity on the floor. Mooney was an unsung hero for Texas Tech in their 2019 tournament run. His ability to move the ball, find the open man, and thread needles should help a stagnant offense like New York.

Tom Thibodeu and the Knicks find themselves two games out of the play-in. Their season isn’t anywhere near over yet, but they are certainly in need of a spark. Maybe Hall, Dotson, or Mooney could provide one.

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