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Kim Mulkey earns historical history as LSU ran past VT 82-64

With a win over Virginia Tech, coach Kim Mulkey won her 700th game as a head coach, which was the fastest for any head coach in men's and women's basketball.

In her return Angel Reese had 19 points, but let's take the spotlight off of Reese for a second and put it on Mikayla Williams, who had another solid game. Williams was wheeling and dealing, bodying her opponents and finished with a team high 20 points, 5 assists, and 6 rebounds. LSU played sound ball against a top opponent and showcased that they still had that hunger that was missing in the first few games of the season.

After the game, Coach Mulkey highlighted her team and not the historical history she just made as a head coach. “These victories are special to me, but my impact on these girls is the most important,” Coach Mulkey said. “All in all, reaching 700 victories is nice, but I am most proud of my basketball team and where they have come.” “​​When they spend time on the floor together, it becomes a thing of beauty,” Coach Mulkey said. “You see happiness out there, kids high-fiving, lifting others, and some roles that have now changed.”

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