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John Legend and other noticeable figures had live events during Day 2 of the Tribeca Festival

New York- Day 2 of the Tribeca Festival included a panel with John Legend, a couple of live shows, and a concert.

With a sense of relief and return of live events during the festival, John Legend decided to attend the premiere of his documentary: Legend of the Underground. Prior to the debut,Legend spoke about being a film director and what did it mean to him to produce something so dear to him.

“I bring my sensibility and my taste.I have a strong sense of who I am as a person and what I want my brand to represent.” Legend also revealed that, especially in documentary film making, he likes being able to enter into people’s worlds to humanize them to show that their lives are valuable.

Emmy Award-winning producer Jackson spoke to Legend’s hands-on involvement in the production process, and said when choosing projects for Get Lifted, he employs the “mic test,” meaning he needs to be able to imagine John speaking about it during an interview. Later in the evening, Legend introduced the documentary he executive produced, Legend of the Underground (HBO) at the film’s premiere.

Outside of Legends' premiere, musicians D’Angelo and Rhiannon Giddens performed the Red Dead Redemption 2s. There were a couple more premieres and a live audience as well. Each day it seems like normal life is returning.

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