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Jewel Loyd hits game winner at the end of regulation to win it for the Storm, 90-89

Bradenton, FL- Jewel Loyd stuns the Los Angeles Sparks with a game winner at the end of regulation to win it for the Seattle Storm, 90-89.

With only a few seconds left in regulation and the Storm down by two, Seattle Storms' head coach Gary Kloppenburg drew up a play for Loyd. Sue Bird inbounded the ball, while Loyd came off a curl to get the ball. Loyd had just enough space to shoot a three that went in at the end of the game to win it for the Storm.

“For us, this was a playoff game,” Loyd said. “You have two really good teams trying to get into a rhythm before going into playoffs. You know, every time we play LA it’s always a really good game. It’s what you want to see. You want to see good competition throughout the game. You don’t want to see constant blowouts, you don’t want to see no effort. Both teams were playing really hard, and that’s what you watch sports for. All that excitement all the way down to the buzzer.” 

Loyd finished the game with 25 points, 3 assists, and 2 rebounds. With a win over the Sparks, the Storm take a commanding two game lead for first place in the Western Conference.


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