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Jets fumbles an early Christmas Gift

With a chance to make some noise in their division, the Jets had the opportunity to take advantage of the Monday Night Football slot and show people that they are a rising team. Things didn't really go as plan for New York to start out the half. They allowed a 87-yard punt return, which went the distance and fumbled the ball on two consecutive possessions. Either the Jets were cursed or just were not mentally focused. Just before the half ended, New York fumbled the ball, which was their third turnover for the night.

Despite those three fumbles, the Jets' defense kept them in the game. Going into the fourth, they held the Chargers to 17 points. Up to that point, Zach Wilson was throwing everything underneath and had only 161 yards through the air. Breece Hall was not even a factor as he only 50 yards with 16 carries. Even though it was a nightmare game, New York still had a chance to make things very interesting, but their offensive line was not making life easy for Wilson. There wasn't any chance of a comeback after Wilson lost another fumble late in the game and the Chargers capitalized off the turnover to get the 27-6 victory.


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