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Jennifer Lewis has been cast to read All Boys Aren't Blue memoir

Los Angeles- Jennifer Lewis, Dyllón Burnside (“Pose”), Bernard David Jones (“The Mayor”) and Thomas Hobson (“Sherman’s Showcase”) have been cast to read for a three-part virtual event.

The book All boys Aren't Blue is about author George Matthew Johnson's life and how he had to overcome obstacles in his life because he was gay. The book is a motivational tool to help others who are in similar situations overcome it and help them find a place of peace and security.

For a three part virtual event, Lewis and crew will sit down and read the book to viewers. It will be a celebration of love and unity. The event will also feature live performances, a virtual art installation curated by African American contemporary art dealer/curator, Rodney LoveJones and music featuring Black artists. The evening will conclude with a roundtable discussion moderated by Tai Beauchamp with the goal of moving out the fear that creates stigma and replace it with love and understanding.

The event will start Feb.8 at 8 pm ET


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