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Jarrett Henderson catches fire against the The Phenoms

Lewisville, TX- Jarrett Henderson helped the Undiscovered pull out the 79-53 victory against the Phenoms with his 29 points.

Henderson came out of his shell and dominated the Phenoms. He was contributing on both sides of the floor. Henderson had a couple of steals that lead to ten fast break points for the Undiscovered. He pressed the Phenoms' guards and shut them down. Offensively, Henderson was feeling himself.

Henderson went 10 of 11 from the field and was 2 of 2 from the three point strike. It was just his night, as he was the team's lead for the Undiscovered. Outside of Henderson, the Undiscovered played an all around game and held their opponents to less than 60 points. On the offense end, they got to their spots on the floor and hit wide open shots.

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