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Janelle Monáe will have a virtual concert to close out the first season of Love Craft Country

New York- Love Craft Country season finale will premiere this Sunday and will feature a virtual concert by actress and Grammy nominated singer Janelle Monae.

The number one HBO series Love Craft Country will be ending their first season on October 18 and will end the season with a bang. Janelle Monae has partnered up with HBO Max to throw a virtual concert after the season finale to celebrate the show's success.

“I’m so excited to partner with HBO and The Mill to pioneer the future of concert experiences in Sanctum,” said Janelle Monáe. “I always strive for innovation, and this project gives me the special opportunity to celebrate Lovecraft Country, a show I’m a huge fan of, and connect with fans in a completely new way using virtual reality. This is the perfect platform to explore the impact of music and movement in a new dimension designed to celebrate Black art, stories and voices.”

Fans can view the concert on Youtube live or if you want more information, you can visit t


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