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  • Eric Martinez

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz first media presser was very uncanny for both fighters

In what will be a highly anticipated boxing match on August 5, 2023, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will square off in Dallas, TX. The first press conference was staged in the American Airlines Center where the match will take place. Over 20,000 people have signed up for early access information on ticketing for this event. One of the many interesting takeaways from Tuesday’s press conference was the introduction of the partnership for this fight between Jake Paul’s promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, and Nate Diaz’s promotional company, Real Fight Inc. Nate Diaz will be making his debut as a boxer for this match against Jake Paul.

Diaz had been locked in contracts with UFC (MMA) for his entire career and never got the opportunity to explore a possibility to step into the boxing ring. Nate Diaz stated, “I’ve always been sparring with boxers my entire life. I started boxing when I was eleven. Truth be told, I was going to take a boxing match, but a cage match came before the boxing contract was offered when I was younger. I fought in that cage match and UFC came and offered right away, so I ran with it.” Nate Diaz’s plan has always been to fight the biggest name, and his intentions to fight Jake Paul was always the case when he was able to step away from UFC after his last victory fighting in the octagon.

Jake Paul explained it was never a pivot after the fight against Tommy Fury. Once Nate Diaz got out of his UFC contract, Paul explained that regardless of the outcome from the Fury fight, he is excited for this fight and in his words, “I’ll do what Connor McGregor couldn’t do and knock him out.” Jake Paul emphasized this is “Do or Die” for both fighters. For Paul, he states this is for the legacy of Nate Diaz outside of MMA/UFC and for himself he’s treating it, as this is his only focus and not looking beyond Nate Diaz. Paul summarizes to not be judged by his wins, but to be judged by his losses. Now turning back to training with Sugar Shane Mosley, Jake Paul eliminated majority of his camp from the Tommy Fury fight.

Nate Diaz gave respect to Jake Paul in regard to the Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul fight; Diaz believes there wasn’t a win or a loss for Jake Paul. He feels it was even and not advantage in regards to scoring for either opponent. One thing is set to happen on August 5th, these two fighters will be ready to put on one of the most anticipated fights in 2023. With the bout contracted for eight rounds at 185 pounds, there may be a modification before we know it come August.

At the presser, both Nate and Jake agreed that they wouldn’t mind a 12-round fight. For the fans across the world, and for everyone watching on Dazn Boxing, that would be an approved request that may have more boxing fans intrigued. For every UFC supporter that has ever tuned in to a legendary fight from Nate Diaz, this boxing match may surprise several MMA fans in regards to the ability and natural fighting style that Nate Diaz can surprise when it is all said and done.

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