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Jaguars focused with stopping the Titans running attack

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars' defense understands if they stop Derrick Henry, they may have a shot with pulling the upset against the Titans.

Jacksonville is playing for nothing more than pride and a top 10 draft pick in the 2021 NFL Draft against the Titans. The Jags are very confident that they can stay in the game, if they neutralize the Titans' ground game.

Jaguars' safety Jarrod Wilson had this to stay about Henry in a media presser. “We know this guy. We know this guy’s going to get the football a lot and he’s coming downhill. We definitely have to execute, stay in our gaps, being just discipline in the run game. That’s a big thing for us is to definitely knock out this run. We know he’s getting the ball, so it’s really just man on man, trying to match up and do our job on Sunday.” Henry is averaging 4.9 yards a carry this season.

Despite winning only one game this season, the Jags have been a very competitive team to beat in the fourth quarter. It just has not went their way with pulling out wins they need to build their confidence up.

Defensive coordinator Todd Wash knows that his guys are improving and this what he had to say about the defense improving each week. "I think it just takes some time to learn the system, know what is expected of them within the system and, through trial and error, they’re learning how to play and I think they’re getting better. And that’s the biggest thing we look at as a coaching staff and we talk about, is continue to get these guys better, they’ll make plays and give them an opportunity to compete on Sunday.”

With nothing to lose, the Jags could be a trap game for the Titans, if Jacksonville can stay on top of Henry and make the Titans throw the ball.


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