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Jaguars continue to play musical chairs with their quarterback rotation

Jacksonville, FL- Jaguars continue to struggle with finding a consistent quarterback to pull out wins against opponents.

Since Gardner Minshew injured himself a week before the Jaguars' bye week, Jacksonville has been rotating Mike Glennon and Jake Luton in the line-up. Both quarterbacks have shown progress that they can keep the Jags in the game, but have not found a way to get any type of wins on their resume.

Minshew will get the start this week against the Baltimore Ravens and is pretty optimistic about the opportunity. " I wouldn’t say there’s a ton of pressure right now. I don’t think anybody really expects much of a 1-12 team, but we expect a lot of ourselves. We’re going to go out there, try not to let what’s going on this season determine what happens these next three games. We’re going to go try to have a lot of fun, make the most of them, put some good stuff on tape.”

“I was excited, ready to go. I mean going into the week, I was kind of expecting it, ready to roll. I am just glad to be back in the saddle.”

As the season starts to unfold, you have to wonder, what will be the Jaguars next move with getting a quarterback. Will they trade or release their current rooster or will they go after someone in the 2021 NFL Draft? Only time will tell.

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