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Jags' season up in the air

Jacksonville- After a devastating loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, the Jaguars season looks to be finished.

The Jaguars continue to show a competitive spirit against .500 plus teams, but can not get the victories they need to stay in the hunt for a playoff sport. Jacksonville has not won a game since the start of the NFL season. The Jags' offense can compete with the best of them, but their defense has allowed opponents to drive down the field and score at will.

Gardner Minshew has been blamed for the Jags losing games, but that is not the case. Minshew is having a very productive season with throwing 13 touchdowns , 5 interceptions, and threw for 1, 855 yards in the first half of the season. Minshew has shown that he can throw the deep ball and improved going through his reads. The Jags can put points on defenders, but they have just been horrible stopping opponents.

On the defensive end, the Jags have had trouble getting a pass rush on opposing quarterbacks. They have sacked opposing quarterbacks six times this season. That is not good enough. The Jaguars need to blitz more and bring pressure much earlier in the game.

The Jags are going into their bye week and have a little extra time to prepare for the second half of the season. With a 1-6 record, it looks like the Jags season could be over, but you never know if they could pull off the impossible.


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