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Hollywood Museum will pay tribute to the Michael J. Fox Foundation

Los Angeles- The Hollywood Museum will re-open August 4th to the public and will be honoring Michael J. Fox with a check to his foundation.

Normality is starting to settle in around the globe since people are getting vaccinated. With events happening and daily interaction with people are becoming a thing, the Hollywood Museum decided to re-open on August. 4th.

With re-opening, the museum will pay tribute to Michael J. Fox with an exhibit that will take you "Back to the Future", as well as showing his foundation love. - Donelle Dadigan, Founder & President of The Hollywood Museum in the Historic Max Factor Building will be awarding Fox with $5,000 check to put towards his foundation.

The exhibit will open up at 10 AM and many guests will be in attendance such as Jillian, George Chakiris, Carolyn Hennesy, Ruta Lee, Linda Purl, Ilene Graff, Lee Purcell, Kate Linder, Rex Smith, Chloe Noelle, Anita Pointer, Carol Connors, Diana Lansleen, Erin Murphy, Elaine Ballace and many more.

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