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  • Samuel Rodriguez

Here is a spotlight on the 2021 NFL Draft QB Class and how they played in their first NFL action

The first week of the NFL preseason, we saw loads of talent displayed from the young 2021 NFL Draft quarterback class.

Starting with the New England Patriots young stud Mac Jones. Jones did not start the game as Cam Newton took the first two drives. Once Jones touched the field, the atmosphere at Gillette stadium was insane. The former Alabama QB came out with a fire under him. He went 13/19 with 87 yards in five drives. For a rookie QB he played well. Jones completed 11 passes in a row at one point, all short passes just like the Patriots system calls for. Jones seems to be learning the playbook very well and quick. Look for this QB battle to pick up between Jones and Newton.

The number one draft pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence got to show his skills last night and what he needs to improve. Lawrence went 6-9 for 71 yards in two series. Realizing that the NFL is not like college ball, Lawrence suffered a loss for the first time in a while. After taking a sack and fumbling the ball, Lawrence still threw accurate passes. His best play was a 35-yard-deep ball to Marvin Jones Jr. From the looks of it Lawrence needs to work on getting the ball out quicker in the pocket. These mistakes will work themselves out overtime hopefully. Lawrence seems to be working towards that week one starter for the Jaguars.

The New York Jets received backlash after taking Zack Wilson with their second overall pick. I think it’s safe to say Wilson may prove the haters wrong. Wilson came out and played very comfortable. He went 6-9 with 63 yards passing. Wilson started out the game and played for two series, in this time he was able to show enough potential to get Jets fans excited. A key part of Wilsons game was his ability to control third downs, going 3-3. Wilson did not seem to fold under the pressure of his first NFL game. Look for him to be the starter week one for this Jets team.

The San Francisco 49ers might have found themselves a diamond in Trey Lance. Playing in eight series Lance went 5-14 with 128 yards and a touchdown. Lance looked smooth as butter out there. Acting like he has been in the NFL for years. Lance had a bomb of a throw with an 80-yard touchdown pass on a play action play. We got to see his ability to run outside the pocket to make big passes and show how gifted he is as a playmaker. This man will be starting at some point this season over Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Chicago Bears ended up scooping a man that many teams wanted, and we saw why last night. Justin Fields had the best day of all the rookie Qbs. Going 14-20 with 142 yards and one touchdown in the air, plus 33 yards rushing with a touchdown as well. Fields looked a little rough at first but quickly found his rhythm and fit right in. Showing his dual-threat, Fields seems to be ready for the big moments to come. Bears fans should be excited with this one, Fields will be the future of the Bears. Look for him to be the starter week one if he keeps up this kind of skill in the preseason.

The NFLs future is looking very bright with these young men. This could be one of the best QB drafts we have seen in a while as everyone looks great. For the teams that needed a QB and didn’t take one... your loss, these guys seem to have potential through the roof and this season will be a very exciting one.


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