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  • Eric Martinez

Hawks to recognize five minority owned businesses in ‘Life The 404’ delivered by UPS

The Atlanta Hawks and UPS announced the launch of ‘Lift the 404’ delivered by UPS.  During five games this season, the Hawks will wear their Fly City Edition uniforms and in partnership with UPS, which will recognize five minority-owned businesses that embody the spirit of hard work, dedication and grit. 

During the nationally televised game on Martin Luther King Jr Day, the first business honored was Simplicity Beverage Company and its Creator and Owner Dr. Bianca Kiovanni was the first recipient of the ‘Lift the 404’ delivered by UPS. In addition to Simplicity Beverage Company, the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs was honored as well.  The impact that the new partnership will have on the community is a positive influence that demonstrates a deep care for the community and impact on Atlanta and its people. 

“I am honored by the Hawks and UPS for choosing Simplicity Beverage Company, my Atlanta home grown business as a Lift the 404 Honoree.  I am pleased to cheer on the home team at State Farm Arena on this historic Martin Luther King Day.  Go Hawks!” said by Simplicity Beverage’s Creator and Owner Dr. Bianca Kiovanni.  At each game where a small business is recognized, they will also have special opportunities to serve as Co-Captains, where they will meet the referees, Hawks, and opposing team captains at center court before the game begins.  

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