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God's Not Dead: We The People Screener Recap

Los Angeles- God's Not Dead: We The People red carpet screener was very exciting and inspiration.

Last week, the God's Not Dead: We The People Screener was filled with a lot of people that was very interested in the new chapter of the series God's Not Dead. This film spoke about more of how the government felt about religion being taught in a home school setting, as well as the fight for the right of religious freedom. It was deep and gave different perspectives about what religion means to people.

Before and after the screener, Isaiah Washington, David A.R White, Jeanine Pirro, William Forsythe and other cast members talked with guests about the meaning of the film, as well as took a couple of photos on the red carpet.

Guests left the screener feeling good that a conversation like the one in the film, could be had without any type of judgement.


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