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Gardner Minshew ignites Eagles' offense in a victory over the Jets 33-18

Philadelphia- The Eagles get the W they needed to stay in the hunt for the playoffs.

With the Eagles losing to the New York Giants last week, their playoff hopes were cut down to a slim margin of hope, luck, and teams losing. After finding out this week Jalen Hurts was going to miss the game against the Jets because of an ankle injury, Gardner "Molette" Minshew got the start and got the Eagles offense rolling in the first half. Philadelphia scored 24 points in the half. Despite Minshew having one heck of a half, the secondary for the Eagles were giving up big plays down the field and struggled to get Zach Wilson out of his zone. The offensive pinball half end up with the Eagles being on top 24-18.

The second half was a one-sided beat down. Defensively, the Eagles tightened up and made Wilson uncomfortable in the pocket. They got the Jets out of sync and off the field on third down conversions. New York was 4 out of 7 on third down conversion in the third quarter. Philadelphia hit a field goal late in the fourth to put the game on pins and needles.

With Minshew getting his first start with the Eagles and pulling out a win, things may get very interesting with who will get the starting position moving forward. Only time will tell.

Minshew finished 20 out of 25 with 242 yards and 2 touchdowns.


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