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Five players in double figures helped the Undiscovered Team pull past Lewisville Yellow 85-54

Lewisville, TX- Collectively, the Undiscovered Team played together as a team and pulled out the victory over the Lewisville Yellow 85-54.

In the first half of play, the Undiscovered Team started off slow against the Lewisville Yellow. Shots were not falling and Balsa Bazovic had a rough night. Despite finishing with 11 points, he struggled to get any arc on his shot and had a difficult time with nailing wide open shots. Since he was not that effective with getting the ball in the basket, he helped his team get second chance shots by being active on the glass.

Lewis Patterson III came on in the second half and helped his team extend their lead. Patterson was a key factor on the defensive side. He was very active in the passing lanes and had a couple of steals that sprung a 12-2 run midway in the third quarter to blow the game wide open. Lewisville Yellow had no answer with stopping Undiscovered from raining down three point shots. In the fourth quarter Undiscovered went on to cruise to a victory.

Here are the scores from the rest of the teams that played.

CYM skipped past the Prospects 80-68

The Pros avoids a near scare against Lewisville Black 67-52

Key players

Lewisville Yellow

Shirmane Thomas 13 points and 10 rebounds

Rick Curry 14 points and 5 rebounds


Damyine Durham 28 points and 3 rebounds

Mike Lenoir 27 points and 10 assists

The Prospects

Abraham Davalos 20 points and 7 rebounds

Terrell Jones 16 points and 4 rebounds

The Pros

Yash Mattu 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals

Sterling Sanders 13 points and 4 rebounds

CJ Carter 10 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists

Lewisville Black

Marcus Brooks 24 points and 6 rebounds

Kevin Booze 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists

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