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  • Sharmaine Johnson

Fashion designer gives some tips to future designers

I got a chance to hear some very inspiring stories from the designers at the LA at the Musicology: Styled By Music event that included a fashion show showcasing three black designers (TYPO, ODAINGEROUS, and SUPERVSN) and an interactive discussion with celebrity stylist and designers Karl Kani, EJ King, Legendary Damon, and Winnie Stackz.

Now you know we had to get on the red carpet and get the tea for y'all before the show started! We got the chance to chat with the originator of urban clothing himself, Mr. Karl Kani. If you don’t know Karl Kani is a fashion designer and founder of hip hop fashion brand Karl Kani clothing. So upon meeting him I had to ask him how it feels to be a living legend. “It's an honor, honestly. To live my dreams out to the fullest and be recognized and respected by my people is the best reward”.

As he continued to give me all of the tea, I asked him about him being a pioneer in black fashion and his influence on hip hop culture, what advice would he give to an aspiring designer who wants to create a brand that will stand the test of time like Karl Kani? Mr. Kani responded “The key is really staying true to your vision and what you’re creating. Don’t follow trends and waves, do what's true to you and to the culture if that's who you’re doing it for. Bring your own essence and unique flavor to what you love and it can never die”.

Now if that’s not some positiviTEA and inspiration for us all! It was the staying true to your vision for me because it is so easy to get caught in comparisons and everyone else’s opinions on what you should be doing. Keep your eyes on your own cup and get to work!

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