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Executive Producers Tracee Ellis Ross and Michaela Angela Davis tag team up with Hulu for new show

Los Angeles- Tracee Ellis Ross and Michaela Angela Davis have partnered up with Hulu for new hair docu-series The Hair Tales.

The docu-series will take viewers on a journey about the essence of what makes black women who they are, their journey with their hair, and how society frowns about the nature look.The series will shed light on some of the experience that Ross and Davis had to deal with growing up as kids, as well as how they were viewed in a professional sense.

“This series is about identity, culture and legacy, beauty, strength and joy,” said Tracee Ellis Ross. “Hair is a portal into the souls of Black women, it drives straight to the center of who we are. Our goal is to share this vibrant community, where we hold a sacred space for each other. Like many women, I can trace my own journey to self-acceptance through my hair. This series is personal and universal, American and global. It is a love letter to Black women.”

The season will premiere sometime next year, but here is a snippet of whats to come.

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