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ESPN's 30 for 30 Shark will premiere April 19

ESPN's 30 for 30 films have always showcased exclusive footage and an in-depth backstory of athletes and topics that were highlighted. In the upcoming film Shark, ESPN will take you down a roller coaster ride with iconic golfer Greg Norman. They will show the ups, downs, and the doubt of overcoming criticism, which inspired a nation.

Norman was the type of golfer, who only played at one pace and speed and that was aggressive. His aggressive perspective in tournaments earned him two titles at the Open Championship and a career that most were inspired by. However, his aggressiveness was a flaw as well as an achievement. Potentially on the verge of winning at the Masters in 1996, Norman had a massive meltdown. He blew a six-shot lead and ended up leaving the tournament empty-handed with members of the media criticizing his skill.

In this documentary, Norman talks about overcoming the nightmare and turning it into a learning lesson. The film will premiere at 8 PM, ET

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