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ESPN Films will be producing a documentary on Maya Moore

New York-ESPN Films announced that they were going to do a documentary on WNBA player Maya Moore for the work she has done off the court.

The documentary will be about Moores' faith and how it helped her overcome life obstacles, her journey with meeting her partner Jonathan Irons, who was wrongly convicted, and how Moore has used her platform to talk about prison reform.

“I am so hopeful that this intimate look at our journey for justice will inspire all to believe that change & justice are possible,” said Moore. “The heart of this story is that when we see & value the people suffering around us we can start to become the community we know we were meant to be. I’m more convinced than ever that love & sacrifice will lead us to the win for humanity.”

The film will be directed by Emmy Award winning director Rudy Valdez and will feature never before seen footage of Moore.

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