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Eagles' winning streak snapped by 49ers 42-19

All week along, Philadelphia was told that they would be the underdogs in a critical game against the 49ers. Memories were erased from the NFC Championship game from last season and both teams were focused with this season and this game. In the last three weeks, Philadelphia's offense started off slow and kicked it up a notch in the second half.

AJ Brown had a welcome back party in the first half as he racked up close to 100 yards. Despite a big half by Brown, once again the Eagles had problems punching the ball in the endzone, settling for two field goals. Outside of not punching the ball in the endzone, Hurts was taking unnecessary sacks instead of throwing the ball out of bounds or using his legs to extend plays. Just like the last two games, the Eagles were playing from behind at the end of break.

Playing catch-up was nothing new to the Eagles. This season, Philadelpha was 5-0 when they were playing from behind. If you wanted a playoff intense second half you got it. There was a huge scuffle that resorted in a player for the 49ers ejected and a security guard leavinng the sidelines. After everything was settled, three plays later, Jalen Hurts found himself in the endzone to cut the 9ers' lead to one possession.

After the touchdown, the 49ers went right down the field and hit the Eagles with two touchdowns to put the game away and sent a message to the NFC. Brown finished the game with eight receptions for 114 yards.

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