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Eagles' second half issues comes back to bite them in first loss of their season

With Washington coming into town, the Eagles were the heavy favorite with coming out victorious. However, Philadelphia did not know that the Commanders were going to stonewall them. Everything was going wrong for Philly, from missed opportunities, two fumbles, and an offense that did not have an urgency late in the game.

Jalen Hurts was hassled all night long by a hungry Washington defense that wanted to spoil the Eagles undefeated streak. Washington did just that. They made the Eagles play at their pace and forced Philadelphia to throw the ball through the air more than what they are accustomed to in the second half of games. Instead of letting the running attack gash and carve up Washington, Hurts was forced to make plays down the field. Hurts finished the game 17 out of 26 for 192 yards through the air, with 28 yards on the ground.

The biggest mistake the Eagles made, which cost them the game was a roughing the passer call. That call gave Washington a first down and a couple plays later tacked on another score to give the Eagles their first loss of the season, 32-21.

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