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Eagles' message to each other each week, "Keep getting better"

Philadelphia- Everyone on the Eagles' coaching staff talks about improvement week in and week out, but have they really improved or is that the message that the organization keeps printing out to media.

Since their first win on opening day against the Atlanta Falcons, the Philadelphia Eagles have struggled to find their offense and have recently stunk it up in a blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Jalen Hurts has shown bright spots throwing the ball deep, but in the last two games. it seems like he has a leash on him. With an explosive back-field that they have, the Eagles are averaging around 6.5 yards a play when Hurts throws the ball.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles have had their problems with getting pass rushes on opposing quarterbacks, but everyone in the organization has said improvement will take time.

Frustration is starting to settle in with fans and some of the players, but their DC Jonathan Gannon is optimistic about his team. This is what he had this to say about his player's improvement in a press conference. "The challenge to all our guys is let's just keep getting a little bit better every week, every week. And with doing that, hopefully we keep our -- give ourselves on our side, give our team a chance to win the game, which I think we've done two out of the three times. Yes, two days ago we did not do that, so that's kind of the challenge to everybody.'

Philadelphia has a big match-up with the Chiefs this weekend and everyone in the Philadelphia area is watching very closely. This could be a make or break game for the Eagles, because their schedule gets much tougher after Kansas City. Time will tell, but for right now the saying is "Keep getting better."


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