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Doug Marrone wants the Jaguars to be focused, despite the uncertainty of his job next year

Jacksonville, FL- The Jaguars had a rough start to the week with the uncertainty of job security, as their General Manager was fired last week.

After another loss on Sunday, the organization decided to let go of GM Dave Caldwell right after the game. The firing was unexpected and rumors have surfaced that head coach Doug Marrone may be on the hot seat as well.

Marrone was not really shocked that his friend was let go and used the firing as more of a teaching lesson when asked about the situation. "Obviously, it’s a very competitive business. I think we have an owner Shad Khan that wants a good product for our fans and wants to win, there’s no mistake about it, and we haven’t done it. I think when most things happen these types of decisions are going to be made. Dave Caldwell and I had a good relationship. It’s not like we haven’t been through this before, meaning people have been in the league. It obviously unfortunate, but it is part of the profession," said Marrone.

Marrone and the Jaguars organization have a lot going on, but Marrone is trying to stay focused with winning football games. "We’re the only ones that are going to be able to battle it out’ and enforcing that we support each other, we stay together, we continue to work, we continue to push, and we continue to see the great through winning football games."

The Jaguars are struggling to find their quarterback and have made two quarterback switches in consecutive weeks. This week, a starter has not be named as of yet.


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