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Dodgers shocked in the ninth inning

Los Angeles- The Dodgers' defense could not hold up, as the Braves escape with the victory in the ninth inning 5-1.

Tied 1-1 in the ninth, Austin Riley smashed a home run that gave the Braves the confidence that they needed to sink the Dodgers in dramatic fashion. Ronald Acuna Jr. scored off a single base hit from Marcell Ozuna, and Ozzie Albies had a two shot run to put the game out of the Dodgers' grasp.

"There was a lot of energy from both sides," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. "Walker matched that intensity. You've just got to give credit to Fried cause he pitched a heck of a ballgame."

The Dodgers had trouble figuring out how to stop Max Fried and his pitches. Usually the Dodgers are great with finding some type of with Justin Tuner or Mookie Betts, but both hitters was nonexistent in Game 1 of the NLCS.

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