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Dodgers pitching could not handle the heavy hitting of the Braves in Game 4, 10-2.

Los Angeles- The Dodgers pitching is starting to be a main concern for the team, as the Braves drops the hammer on LA in Game 4, 10-2.

The Dodgers' defense got them out of some close innings against the Braves early on. In the top of the third, Edwin Rios hit a solo homer to put the Dodgers up 1-0. The Braves scored in the fourth. The pitching disaster for the Dodgers continued into Game 5. In the bottom of the sixth, the Braves tacked on a score as Freddie Freeman hit a double to bring Marcell Ozuna home. A couple pitches later, the Braves hit another double to get their third score on the night.

After the Braves score two runs, the Dodgers decided to take out Clayton Kershaw to stop the bleeding. The Dodgers had no answer for the Braves, as they poured it on in the sixth. LA allowed six runs in the sixth. The Dodgers had a chance to make some noise in the seventh with all bases loaded, but could not take advantage of it. They ended up settling for one run to cut the Braves deficit to five, 7-2. LA allowed another score at the bottom of the seventh for Atlanta to take a demanding 8-2 lead. The Braves put the Dodgers to sleep with two additional scores to finish the game 10-2.

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