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Dodgers force a winner take all series, as they defeat the Braves, 3-1

Los Angeles- The Dodgers force a Game 7, as they get the 3-1 victory over the Braves.

Corey Seager and Justin Turner started the game with back to back home runs in the bottom of the first to get the Dodgers offense rolling, 2-0. The Dodgers drove in another score to end the first inning with three runs. Walker Buehler got the Dodgers out of trouble in the second inning, as the Braves had all three bases with players on them. Buehler did not allow a run, as he struck out two consecutive players to keep the Dodgers on top. Mookie Betts made a Sports Center Top 10 play, as he contorted his body to save a home run at the top of the fifth.

Buehler was relieved in the seventh inning. Blake Treinen came in for Buehler and immediately the Braves' offense came to life. Nick Markakis hit a line drive that sprung a home run for Braves, 3-1. The Dodgers offense stalled at bit in the later innings, but did just enough to hold off the Braves 3-1.


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