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Dodgers' dig themselves in a hole after a second loss to the Braves

Los Angeles- The Dodgers came up short, as their offense exploded in the ninth inning to lose their second straight game to the Braves, 8-7.

The Dodgers almost pull out the remarkable comeback with getting four scores in the ninth to put some suspense on the game, but came up short. Prior to the four scores, it looked like the Dodgers could not find their stride and struggle once again with getting their offense going early. The Braves escaped with a victory, but did not like how they gave up runs at the end.

"I didn't feel good with a big lead because these guys are too powerful," Braves manager Brian Snitker said. "That's a good ballgame to win. They all are now."

Los Angeles has to find some type of way to get their offense going. Justin Turner has not really hit the ball well, but is optimistic that he will help out his team anyway that he can. The Dodgers will be starting Julio Urias in Game 3 and feels that Urias can be a key factor with settling down the Braves' offense. It is do or die time for LA and it will be interesting to see how the Dodgers will fair with their backs to the wall for the first time in the playoffs this season.

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