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Disappointment is settling in with the Jaguars

Jacksonville- After losing another game on Sunday to the Bengals, the Jaguars are trying to figure out the next steps to improve.

The Jags are sitting third in the AFC South and have a 1-3 record. Jacksonville has shown opponents that they can compete, but at the end of the day, they need to get some wins. Gardner Minshew has had one heck of a season with throwing the ball for over 300 yards, but at times he overthrows his receivers or takes sacks that he does not need to take. On the defensive end, the Jags struggle to get any type of pass rush on any of the opponents that they faced this season and it is frustrating for the team.

Abry Jones, who is the Jags' defensive tackle wants to see improvement on the defensive side of the ball. “We have to do what we always do. We have to practice. We have to make pressure an emphasis. Me, being a vet on this team and being pretty much the old head in the room and stuff like that, I have to find a way to motivate these guys. It’s too much talent out here that’s not getting their name called on Sundays for doing what they do best," said Jones in a virtual press conference.

"I really don’t have a secret formula for you. That’s just the good old football, blue-collar grit. Go back to the drawing board, grind it out, and make the results come on Sunday. I feel like if we do that, come back, we get a good couple weeks back to back. This was will just look like an old problem and we can roll forward and really become a better defense.”

The Jaguars need to figure it out and get their confidence back, because in the next couple of weeks they have a tough schedule ahead of them.

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