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Dallas ends season in a loss to the Giants, 23-19

Dallas- Cowboys loss in crazy ending.

Prior to the pitval game against the New York Giants, the Cowboys knew that they had to beat the Giants and hoped that the Philadelphia Eagles would spoil Washington's playoff hopes with a victory over the Football Team to win the division and get a spot in the playoffs.

After trailing early in the first quarter, the Cowboys' defense forced a fumble, which put them in good field position. Despite the good field position, Dallas had to settle for a field goal, which cut the Giants' lead to three, 6-3.

Andy Dalton did not look like himself after the turnover. He overthrew his receivers on five and out routes, as well as deep routes, and did not seem to have confidence with throwing to his first two reads. Also, the Cowboys were not successful with running the ball on the ground. They finished the half with 36 rushing yards and down, 20-9.

At the start of the third, the Cowboys intercepted Daniel Jones, which put them in decent field position for potential points. Dallas cashed in with a one-yard touchdown run by Ezekiel Elliott to climb back into the game, 20-16. The Cowboys tacked on a field goal at the end of third to make it a one-point game, 20-19.

With under a minute left in regulation, Dalton threw a crucial interception on a third and goal and the Giants went on to win in a crazy ending.

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