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Dallas' defense comes up big against NFC East Rival

Dallas- The Cowboys defense recovered three picks and 1 fumble in a win over the Giants, 21-6

After hearing a lot of critics taking shots at the Cowboys' offense recently, Dallas wanted to shut the critics down with a victory over their divisional foes in the New York Giants. Turnovers have been one of the key factors with making the Cowboys a dangerous team this season. Once again, turnovers got the ball moving for Dallas when they needed a push in the right direction. After picking off Mike Glennon , Ezekiel Elliott made his way to the endzone, breaking for a 12-yard touchdown run, but the PAT was missed to make it a 6-0 game.

Dallas' offense was breaking down the Giants' secondary, but had trouble punching it in the endzone for the remainder of the first half. Their defense was superb and held the Giants to 45 yards through the air. Walking into half, the Cowboys had a 15-3 lead.

Things started to get a little chippy midway in the third. Both teams were getting into scuffles after plays were over and it got to the point that the refs had to control the game. You would think the Cowboys wouldn't feed into it with a lead, but they did. The Cowboys' defense stopped the Giants on a fourth and short. Dallas cashed in a few plays later with a hook up from Dak Prescott to Dalton Schultz to extend their lead 21-6 and put the game on ice.

Prescott finished with 217 yards with 1 touchdown.

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