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  • Tiffany Rigby

Crutch an inspiration film that will be screened at Bentonville Film Festival

Crutch the documentary by Sachi Cunningham and Chandler Evans is screening at the

Bentonville Film Festival from August 2nd to August 8th. The film will be screening online first as

part of the festival's virtual options. Then an in-person showing of the film will be Thursday,

August 05, 2021 at the Walmart World Room.

The film follows the life of Bill Shannon, an internationally known artist, break dancer and skater

on crutches. The documentary shows the mission of Shannon as he uses his artistry to show

people with disabilities are more than the stigma around their disabilities. Crutch looks into

Shannon’s street performances as he exposes the prejudices disabled people encounter in

public on a daily basis.

Crutch is a global story that will have you re-evaluating your own perspectives. Two decades later and employing a tapestry of 8mm film from the 70’s, Hi-8 and VHS tapes

from the 80’s, mini-DV tapes from the 90’s, and HD footage from the 2000’s, Crutch documents

Shannon’s extraordinary life story, the history of Shannon’s medical odyssey, his struggles with

chronic pain, the evolution of his crutch dancing and skating, his rise to become a world-

renowned performance artist, and his transformation from an angry skater to an international


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