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Cowboys' offense shut down by the 9ers 42-10

The big rivalry between the Cowboys and the 49ers was the talk of the town for the last week. Everyone, who watches football knows the history of this rivalry and what it would mean for the Cowboys to end the undefeated streak.

Welp, things did not go as planned the entire game for Dallas. For starters, they had to dig themselves out of a hole majority of the first half, which meant, Dak Prescott was going to throw the ball more. Prescott hit KaVontae Turpin for the Cowboys only touchdown of the night. As Dallas' fans know, when Prescott has to throw the ball more than having a balanced attack, mistakes will happen.

Prescott threw three picks, which turned into points for the 9ers. Not only did the 9ers cash in on the interceptions, but they took the heart and soul of the Cowboys. San Frans' defense held one of the top offenses in the league to a total of 197 yards and forced Dallas to surrender at the start of the fourth quarter. After the game was over, questions surrounding Prescott and if he was on the hot seat, started to emerge again. Some fans were like Prescott had a bad game and that is it, while other fans were saying that the Prescott era is finished. There is a lot of football left in this long season, but if Prescott and that potent offense doesn't beat quality teams, than you may see a QB switch. Only time will tell, but for right night Prescott's seat is safe.

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