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Cowboys lose in a heartbreaker to the Steelers 24-19

Dallas- Cowboys loses composure late in fourth quarter and drop another close game this season.

After competing for the starting role this week, Garrett Gilbert got the nod to start against the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the opening possession, Gilbert drove his team down the field and scored a field goal to draw first blood, 3-0. In the second quarter, Gilbert hit Cee Dee Lamb in the back of the endzone for the Cowboys first touchdown in three weeks, 10-0.

The Cowboys got gutsy on a punt return, as they threw a lateral to the other side of the field with nothing but green in front of them. Dallas was called for a block in the back, which brought the ball back at the 35-yard line of the Steelers. Dallas ended the possession with a field goal to extend their lead 13-0.

Dallas' secondary allowed the Steelers to score nine points in three minutes to cling onto a 13-9 lead going into the half.

Things got a little tense in the second half for the Cowboys. Midway in the third quarter, Dallas kicked another field goal to extend the lead 16-9. It seemed like Dallas was having their way with the Steelers, but could not get the ball in the endzone. They tacked on another field goal to make it 19-9.

Late in the third, Ben Roethlisberger started to unload 20-yard bombs to his wide receivers, which put Dallas on their heels at the start of the fourth. Pittsburgh ended the drive with a touchdown. Dallas came up big, as they blocked the PAT to keep it a four point game, 19-15.

With under three minutes left, the Cowboys' defense let the Steelers match down the field and score a touchdown to take the lead, 24-19. The Cowboys' offense stalled with the game on the line and the Steelers hold on to get their eighth victory over the season.

Gilbert finished with 243 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.


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