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COVID-19 still lingers around as the NFL season approaches

Since 2020, COVID-19 has been a main topic around the globe. The height of COVID-19 has decreased and have give Americans hope with a vaccination and a booster plus that minimizes the fatality of the variant. However, COVID-19 is still around and key influencers around the globe have tested positive.

In the last two weeks, President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 and has only mild symptoms. He continues to isolate himself, while making sure that his health is in order. While the President, as well as others who tested positive for the virus isolate themselves, the emerging concern of an uptick in cases iswhat the White House is preparing for. Football season is right around the corner and Seahawks HC Pete Carroll and Cardinals QB Kyler Murray have tested positive earlier this week and had to spend time away from their respective organizations, which resulted in a lost of time, as training camp is underway.

For the last year, the NFL has taken extra precautions with making sure everyone is healthy and boosted,but will that be enough. Could we see the virus affecting the outcome of key players playing in crucial games in the season? Only time will tell, but for right now, COVID-19 is still in the forefront of everyone's mind.

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