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  • Kim Dillinger

Costly mistakes cost the Yankees

The second game against the Giants got, off to a rainy start on Saturday, but cleared up right before the first pitch was thrown. One of the key factors early on was Anthony Vlopes. He stole another base, which made him the Yankee to steal bases in his first two games.Giancarlo Stanton scored his first home run of the season hitting in the third inning. Yankees captain Aaron judge took a dive which stopped Thairo Estrada base hit in the third inning.

The Yankees missed a lot of opportunities during Saturday’s game which led to the Giants' victory 7-5. The game was tied in the fifth inning by Anthony Rizzo but the giants took the lead in the sixth inning. Vlope was quite disappointed with Saturday’s game although he scored his first run off, Aaron judges single which wasn’t enough. Giants Giancarlo Stanton’s double play ended the game.

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