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Coco Gauff falls short at French Open Finals

Paris- Coco Gauff was defeated by Iga Swiatek in straight sets, 6-1 and 6-3.

Gauff, who became the youngest player in 18 years to reach a Grand Slam Final, did not accomplish her mission of getting her first major win in her career. Gauff had a tough day trying to fend off Swiatek, who came into the match with a 34 winning streak, which now is tied with Venus Williams's 2000's streak at 35.

Gauff looked very nervous and not fluid with hitting her backhand shots. Each time it looked like Gauff could steal a match, she had an unforced error or had trouble locating Swiatek's vicious strikes down the middle of the court. Gauff finally got on the board after being down 4-0 in the first set, which was acknowledged by a huge roar of an applause. That was the only game she won in the first set and in the second set she was a little more aggressive.

Gauff was chasing down Swiatek's shots and was giving her a little taste of her own medicine with keeping the game in the middle of the court. Despite pulling out three wins in the second, Gauff fell short of accomplishing her goal.

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