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Claressa Shields continues to break history

New York- Claressa Shields broke another milestone on Friday, becoming the first fighter to become undisputed champion in two divisions in the four-belt area.

Prior to breaking history, Shields had to fight Marie-Eve Dicaire, who was supposed pose a challenge for Shields in their title fight on Friday. Shields dominated Dicaire from start to finish. Shields was active with making Dicaire uncomfortable by pushing the pace of the fight, getting in the inside and throwing jabs, as well as power shots, and landing some devastating body shots that had Dicaire backing up.

Shields eventually won in a lop-sided victory and had this to say about it. “I was trying for the knockout,” Shields said. “That’s what I wanted. And I almost had it a couple of times. … At the end of the day, I’m the new undisputed champion at 154 pounds – the first boxer to do it in history. And I did it here in Flint, Mich.”

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