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Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2022 Runway Show opened NYFW in style

New York- To kick off New York Fashion Week, Christian Siriano had their fashion show at the Gotham Hall.

For the first time since the global pandemic happened, fashion shows opened their show up with limited guests in attendance. The Christian Siriano show had a lot of celebrities, as well as fashion icons in the building intrigued on what Siriano's spring and summer wear would look like. Before the show started, Siriano had this to say about the inspiration behind the line.

"“In a time when so many of us need an escape from the world, fashion is a great place to explore. For this collection I went back to a simpler time and looked to my past. I was inspired by the Italian women in my life. The old photographs of my grandmother in the 60's and 70's on holiday in Positano wearing her apricot orange dress inspired an Italian coastal collection filled with color and joy. I wanted it to feel powerful and strong but also romantic like any true Italian woman. Vintage lace appliques and signature dramatic silhouettes are shown throughout along with cascading evening gowns and sharp tailored suits. I hope this collection transports you like it did me and demonstrates that fashion remains to be both nostalgic but also hopeful for what is to come in the future.” – Christian Siriano

Models brought out their swag with different looks of styles that they had. Here take a look.

Photos by Getty Images

Before the event was over Siriano thanked the guest who attended the show.

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