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Chris Doyle resigns after signing with Jags

Jacksonville, FL- Director of sports performance Chris Doyle has decided to resign, because he did not want his past to haunt what the team was doing.

On Friday, Doyle decided that he did not want his past allegation affecting the direction the organization was going in. Here is the statement that Jags' head coach Urban Meyer wrote up after Doyle resigned.

"Chris Doyle came to us this evening to submit his resignation and we have accepted," said Meyer. "Chris did not want to be a distraction to what we are building in Jacksonville. We are responsible for all aspects of our program and, in retrospect, should have given greater consideration to how his appointment may have affected all involved. We wish him the best as he moves forward in his career."

Doyle was placed on administrative leave in 2020 with his former employer Iowa State for players saying that he was racist. Even after all of the rumors surfaced, Meyer vouched for Doyle and said that he was the right candidate for the position after signing him on Thursday.

Meyer loved Doyle's passion, devotion, and his character, but wishes him well with his future endeavors.

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