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Chiefs shot themselves in the foot in overtime and suffered a huge loss to the Bengals 27-24

After an epic victory against the Bills in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Chiefs had the chance to go back to their third consecutive Super Bowl, but they had to hop over the Bengals in order to do it. For the most part, Patrick Mahomes and crew were unstoppable in the first half. They piled on 21 points and went into the break up three possessions, 21-3. However, the second half was a complete nightmare for Kansas City.

Mahomes completed 3 out of 10 passes in the third and looked shell-shocked at what was happening before his eyes. Cincinnati scored 24 points in a blink of an eye and had a field goal lead with under six minutes left in regulation. In a calm matter, Mahomes marched his team down the field, like it was just an early Tuesday morning. With only a couple of ticks left on the clock and three tries to punch the ball in the endzone. Mahomes on three tries, took two crucial sacks, which made it a 42-year field goal attempt. The field goal kick was true at the end of regulation, which forced sudden death with so much at stake.

The Chiefs got the ball first and Mahomes threw a pick, which put a lot of pressure on the defense. In six plays, the Bengals were in the driver seat to pull of one of the biggest upsets in recent history. Cincinnati kicked a field goal and punched their ticket to Super Bowl 56.

Mahomes finished with 275 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 picks.

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